the unconventional southern belle.

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when plans get cancelled that you didn’t wanna attend


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Succulent tattoo by Alice Carrier in Portland, Oregon.
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Fitz is sitting next to his wife, whom he knows was raped by his own disgusting father, the same wife who also just lost their fucking child and what does he ask for?


100000% done. I get Fitz may have been in pain, but he is just as selfish as ever.

And what does Mellie do?

She calls…

All of this. I’ve read post after post this morning about Liv running off with her “abuser” and how dare she just leave everyone and *shock* *gasp* why didn’t she call Fitz and this the first post I’ve seen that acknowledges how fucked up the way he dismissed Melli was or the way he just walked away and dismissed Liv the last time he saw her, for that matter.

I’m no Fitz hater but aside from losing his son, he is no victim.

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Saw this on Facebook … Namsayin’?
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Poor Mellie.

Poor thing.

Imma call a prayer circle for her.

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How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes?



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Olivia and Jake literally flew off into the sunset together





I feel a certain way about that chokeslam into the wall not too long ago. I am more than sure that was Miss Shonda’s way of letting us Olake folks know that Jake isn’t who we think he is (also him shooting James to death and then talking him through it like he was a fucking birthing coach) but I’m enjoying him for as long as I can ‘cause the whole time I was just like “NO! Take ME with YOU!” fucksakes.

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I don’t know when I became a Scott Foley fangirl, but I love me some him and some Jake.


I know that Olivia loves Fritz. I don’t really get why, but okay. But what does he have that Jake doesn’t? I love Olivia with him. I love their chemistry and the fact that he’s free to be with her. There’s no excuses with him. He wants to be with her and lets her know it. It kills me that I keep shipping these pairings that are not meant to obtain OTP status but that’s ALL i see when I look at them.

THIS. So very much of this!!!!